Tips To Get Started As A Web Cam Model

For a beginner to webcam modelling, there are certain steps you must follow to ensure your success. Like any job, being a web cam model should be treated as a business. When I first started out, I wrote down all of my requirements as well as the goals I wanted to achieve. The biggest attraction to me about web camming was the low investment required to get going.

You will only do well if you invest in yourself and your operation. If you have a hunger to be your own boss, can work hard and have a positive attitude towards life, the rewards in this industry are enormous…

I have run through a list of the basics which you are going to need to follow to get started…

The Basics

Setting Up Your Set

When performing for clients, your surroundings are going to reflect you as a model, so it is important that the area you are working in is clean, tidy and free from any distractions and properly lit.

You want a place where no one is going to burst in on you mid performance as well as lots of space to move around. Some clients have different tastes and might ask you to move around the room, so cleared access and an open plan area is always advised. Move books and tax returns from the bedside table and replaced with toys and oils, but only if you’re going to use them. Otherwise, why tease your viewers with them?

Buying A Computerwebcam model desktop

As with any service, clients expect you to be able to perform for them without any technical glitches or poor quality video. Your computer is one of the most important pieces of kit, so you will need to invest into something that can handle the web cam software if not.

You can purchase laptops and desktops now at affordable prices, so it is always advised to make sure your well equipped. If you are looking to buy either a PC or Mac check with your network what type of device their software is compatible with. If you do choose to use a Mac, there are methods of running Windows based programs. It is recommended you have at least 3GB of ram for a clean stream.

Invest In A Web Camweb cam modelling

Falling in behind the PC, the webcam is the second most important pieces of kit that any model will have. It goes without saying that you should invest into a HD camera as this will ensure the quality and delivery of your video.

Clients become frustrated if they can’t clearly see what they are paying for so it pays in the long run to make sure this is in order before you begin. You can purchase HD webcams from Amazon and Ebay.

If budget is an issue when starting out, then a laptops built in camera will work, but is not advised.

Internet Connectionethernet-cable

Once you have organised your PC and camera, the next step will be to ensure you have a fast internet connection to stream video to your clients. I can stress this enough to make sure you spend that little extra on a better connection.

I always recommend that models use fibre option broadband as this ensures a stable connection which will relay video perfectly.

If you have a router close to your machine, it is also advised that you connect your PC directly in using an ethernet cable. Do not rely on a wireless connection as this will have a tendency to drop out at intervals and there is nothing worse than having a show interrupted half way through.

Proof Of Age / ID Verification

Any reputable web cam site will require the relevant documents to prove who you are as well as your age. By law, you are required to be at least 18 years old to become a web cam model.

On application, you will be required to submit documents electronically. It is advised to have photocopies of these on hand that you can email across to the cam site or agency you are applying to.

Choosing Your Stage Name

Unless you want to potentially reveal your line of work, it is always recommended that all models have their own stage name. This is to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all performers which is one of the most important elements in this line of work.

In no way should there be any connection between you and the area you live in so most sites will be able to block specific geographical areas should you wish.  You want to choose something that is believable and also helps attracts new clients. There is alot to be said about choosing the right kind of stage name. Keep it simple and pick something that works for you.

Choosing Your Network

Once you have prepared all the relevant equipment and you are ready to go, the next step will be to choose a site you want to perform on. Please be aware that there are many scams in this industry and never join an agency or site where you have to pay upfront fees. The models are the ones bringing in business, so sign up should always be free of charge.

After working with several of the leading cam sites and agencies and there are only a small select few who meet the criteria of what I would consider being able to deliver results for new models.

For beginners, I always recommend Live Jasmin as a great platform to get started.

The company accepts applications from models all over the world and provide a leading platform for new and determined individuals to make serious money online.