Top Tips For Your First Show

When it comes to performing online as a web cam model, there is no doubt that you will earn money. The surge in demand for men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to perform on camera is growing each day as clients seek a more interactive adult experience. In order to ensure your success and to make sure you earn the most money possible, follow this helpful guide on the little things you can do that make a big difference to your earnings.

Dress To Impress

First impressions are important, as with any adult jobs, so you should dress in something elegant, stylish but not too business-y. If you have a nice dress, that should do fine. You might also want to dress in layers, because then you can ask people to tip for every item of clothing removed.

Hair & Make Up

Keep your hair neat and brushed. While some viewers will like the “unkempt” look, others might think you’re being lazy. If people ask, you can mess up your hair during the show. If you’re using oil, try to keep your hair out of the way so it doesn’t get messy. As for pubic hair, while some people like the natural look, it’s best to keep it neat and trimmed.

I could talk all day about makeup, but here are the basics. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Put your makeup on in the camera so you can see what you look like. Use fruity lip balms and lip liner to keep your lips moist and make them look fuller. Maintain your eyebrows and don’t be afraid to use makeup to cover up any blemishes, bruises and scars on your body.


Personality works side by side in the success of a good web cam model. Firstly, politeness is hugely important and doesn’t cost a thing. Asking clients how they are in a group chat will help break down downs and forge relationships.

Many clients are looking for companionship online, so its important you are positive, smiling and able to engage in conversation. Follow some of the latest current affairs and make sure you are armed with topics of conversation incase your client wants to talk.

Being able to engage at this level commands a certain amount of respect too. Many clients love to hear the sound of a girl voice and this is what can drive them over the edge and into paying for your time. This industry doesn’t just boil down to physical appearances.

The real money to be made is in lonely clients and not horny clients. A lonely buyer will not just necessarily fantasize about any sexual encounters, but more so your company and being able to court you.

When you are in a group chat, always try approach the situation with a humour and positive approach.

No one is going to pay for time with a miserable model!

You want the clients to think you are not there for the money, but you do this to get off and for fun.

Use suggestive lines that give the customer a clear picture in their head of what you might do such as:

  • “Mmmm. I can’t wait to get into a show tonight. I love being told what to do”
  • “Are there any older men here? I have a new fantasy about older guys!”
  • “I’m dying to get into a private chat. The way I’m feeling now I think I am going to cum in 5 minutes”

Crafting Your Show

Types Of Show

Depending on how intimate and how engaging you want your show to be, there are different types of show. You can have a private show with a select group of regulars. Or you could have a public show where anyone can join and tip. Your show can either be prepaid, with requests made before the show starts, or paid during the show on a per-minute rate. Which payment method you go for depends on whether you want to vet requests beforehand, and whether you want viewers to pay as they watch or before. You can also involve other people, such as a good friend or another professional camgirl.


Fielding requests from viewers can keep the show interesting, especially in the first few months when things start to get a bit routine. Requests could include using props or toys in ways you hadn’t considered before. It could also involve some role-play, such as pretending to be someone’s girlfriend, or a nurse. This allows both the viewers and you to be creative.

Getting Gifts

As well as receiving payment from viewers, you can also receive gifts. You need to make sure that if a viewer offers to buy you a gift in return for a request, you get the gift before the request is fulfilled. A viewer might add an item from your Amazon wishlist to their cart without completing the process, which makes it look like the item is no longer on your wishlist. You should wait until the item arrives, and then send them the content they request.


You can host auctions of toys and other items for those who are interested in memorabilia. This will generate interest in your show, as well as build customer loyalty.

Customer Relations

Types Of Viewers

Lurkers: These are viewers who don’t say anything and rarely tip. Lurkers might make you feel uncomfortable but they can become loyal viewers who tip well once they get to know you as a performer. Lurkers are best left to themselves as long as they don’t cause trouble.

Regulars: Viewers who attend your shows regularly and contribute with chat or money. They are your most cherished customers. Treat them well and they’ll be loyal to you.

Trolls: Some viewers will make any attempt to insult you or disrupt the flow of the show. You shouldn’t try to talk to or acknowledge these people, as they feed on attention. If you can, put up with them, but if they’re too disruptive get an admin who can block them from the show or block them yourself.

Other models: Sometimes other models will create their own accounts and join your chat room. There’s an unwritten rule that other models shouldn’t draw attention to themselves or try to steal viewers from someone else’s show.

Saying No Without Saying No

When responding to a request that you don’t want to fulfill, such as meeting someone, going on a date or just doing something on camera you’re not comfortable with, you should be firm without directly saying “no”. You can say the idea sounds interesting but you’re thinking of doing something else.

Dont Call Them clients

It’s best not to refer to your viewers as customers or clients. That sounds a bit clinical and business-y. You can call them your viewers, audience or fans. Or they might have some suggestions of what they want you to call them.

Marketing Yourself

Use Social Media

Be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to build your fan-base and online presence. Remember to stick by the guidelines of these platforms and don’t show anything too naughty that will get you banned. Your viewers should have to pay for that anyway. Also consider getting your own site, or using a site like Cam Show Jobs that is free to join and easy to use.

Watermarking Your Content

Digital watermarks help to prevent theft of your content. It’s easy to use software to apply text to an image or video. You can use your website, Twitter or Facebook address. But remember that if the address changes, the watermark has to as well.

These really are the protocols I have followed that have ensured me great success in my career so far